“I have been going to see Dr. Hatlen on a regular basis for about seven years. I originally went to see him to receive treatment for middle back pain I received from a hiking injury. I started seeing two to three times per week. After a few months the frequency was reduced to once per week and then once per month. I have seen several different Chiropractors in my life and none of them ever impressed or helped me as Dr. Hatlen has. My back pain went away after a few weeks but I continued to visit Dr. Hatlen for other reasons including seasonal allergies. I am now seasonal allergy free and do not take any pills and this was accomplished through his unique adjustments and exercises that he gave me to do at home. I have referred several people to Dr. Hatlen and they have all been very satisfied.”

Ali Soleimenieh


“I have been a patient of Gary Hatlen for several years now and I have never felt better.  No more inflammmation or pain.  As he stipulates that maintaining the adjustments are the way to health and I centainly believe it  Many believe that you go to the chiropractor and then you stop.  You cannot stop.  He keeps the flow of energy going so your health naturally improves.  Its all about the nervous system.  I see him once a week and I always will.  Its as imperative as exercising and eating healthy.  No doubt about it.  I would much rather do this that take medications. I like being in control of my faculties.  Thanks Doc..don’t know what I would do without you.”

Isabel Henrich


“Dr. Hatlen is always on top of the latest information regarding all aspects of health.  He treats the whole person to resolve specific issues and to build a solid foundation for long term health benefits.  If you are interested in achieving and maintaining optimal health you could likely benefit from chiropractic care.  You can be sure you will receive great care from Dr. Hatlen.” 

Sandra Yeager


“Dr Hatlen did wonders for my spine. I had pain in my back and neck so server I could only sleep a few hours a night with numbness both arms and legs. Hospital X-Ray showed extreme degeneration of the spine and suggested an operation. With Dr Hatlen advice he used cold laser therapy an realigned my spine over a period of three months. I am now pain free with no numbness. Thank you Dr Hatlen.”

Gary Weisgerber


“I came to Dr. Hatlen upon recommendation of a friend, because I had shoulder pain, injured knees and scoliosis. After having received cold laser treatments, and continued nerve conductivity enhancement, my knees and shoulders don’t hurt anymore. I’m in maintenance phase now, everything works fine. Thank you Dr Hatlen!”   

Joy Hsu


“I found Dr. Hatlen, in August of 2013, when looking for a Palmer Chiropractor.  Dr. Hatlen has exceeded my expectations and is a very knowledgeable and competent doctor.  My condition is degenerative therefore I will need long term treatment.  I feel that he has reduced the progressive degeneration and has provided treatment that is restoring healthy tissue and increasing function..  I am a firm believer in Chiropractic and Dr. Hatlen is the best.”  

Jacque del Valle


“I lived with constant, debilitating pain for 10 years. A few months after starting treatment with Dr. Hatlen, the pain was significantly decreased as I continued with regular care.”

Sandy Braem


“Dr. Hatlen is the Chiropractor for the Valley! My golf and lacrosse swing have improved drastically since his monthly adjustments. No pain is his motto and I can say first hand this is the Valleys Best Chiropractor.”

Cat Barrett


“I’ve had lower back problems for 16 years not knowing what I could do to fix it.  My thought was that by stretching and strengthening my muscles, my back problems would go away. Needless to say, it found out the hard way that exercise did not address the underlying issue.  Within 2 months of getting chiropractic care by Dr. Hatlen, I noticed a difference in my posture, stability and overall health.  One of the things I appreciate about Dr. Hatlen’s method is that he educated me to better understand why I was having back problems.. here I thought that it was hereditary.  Thank you Dr. Hatlen for improving my health!”

Faisal Kohgadai


“Chiropractic has changed our lives (my husband and I). I suffered from headaches multiple times a week and my husband suffered from neck pain that would shoot up to his head, making life overall, very debilitating and painful. We are both very young (in our 20’s) and since we have been taking advantage of Chiropractic care, the pain we used to experience has been lessened greatly. We rarely have pain at all and our quality of life has greatly improved allowing us to live life to its fullest! Chiropractic care has been the best remedy for our body. We don’t know what we would do without it!” 

Jennifer and William Ferguson


I have been going to Dr. Hatlen for about 5 years and I am always pain free as he keeps me in alignment all of the time….It is such a joy knowing you will go in and get an adjustment and you will not be thinking about how your back is killing you because it will feel terrific…Have given many of my friends his card and let them know what a special person he is…Thanks Doc…”

Rick Slaven


“I have been seeing Dr. Hatlen for 4 years now. I have had constant issues with back spasms and massive lower back pain for the past 10 years. After seeing him on a regular basis I have not had a single back spasm. Dr Hatlen is the most enthusiastic Dr. I have ever seen. You can tell he really enjoys what he does and that translates in to better care.”

Erik Holler


“Before coming to Dr. Gary Hatlen, my husband Harold was in excruciating pain and needed help getting out of bed, putting his clothes on etc.  About two months ago, he awakened in such pain in his left arm and neck that I took him to Boswell Emergency.  After examination we were told that he had an arthritic attack and all they could do was medicate him.  I had the good fortune to hear Dr. Hatlen speak at my Glendale Women’s Club and decided to give his treatment a try.  Within less than two months time, Harold is relatively pain-free.  I no longer have to help him in any way.  I cannot express my joy in seeing him pain-free!  I am also under care and seeing tremendous results.  Thanks Dr. Hatlen, we have our life back!” 

Gloria and Harold Fair


“About 5 months ago I was suffering from ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.  I was losing too much weight and with no energy all I could do was sit on my couch and hope the day would be over quick.  Even going to the store seemed to be too much trouble.  I was given different medicines; some would work at first, but eventually all my symptoms would return.  I would find myself again asking my doctor for some other kind of medicine for relief.  I went to see Dr. Hatlen who made me feel very comfortable and answered every question I had.  After showing me my x-rays and explaining how Chiropractic care could help me I knew I wanted to try it.  I began going along with my husband and three children according to the plan they had set up for me.  Immediately I felt like things were working better.  Within one month I was able to put 10 pounds back on.  Eventually I was off most of my medications and I hope to lose the rest soon.  Dr. Hatlen got me off the couch and back to taking care of living.  Try it yourself, you have nothing to lose but unnecessary pain.” 

Cass Smith


Wow! My expierence with Hatlen Family Chiropractic has been phenominal. Not only have I eliminated close to all the pain I had previously, I have gained a true understanding of Chiropractic and the nervous system. Knowing this now, the future of my body will with out a doubt be much healthier which will result in a happier life!!”

Lucien Pruszynski


“Since Dr. Gary Hatlen, my Chiropractor has been treating me; his adjustments have not only relieved my pain a great degree after being run over by a bus, but my diabetes is gone.  The ulcer on my amputated leg has also healed.  I no longer take insulin, continue to lose weight and have a good positive attitude.” 

Ron Kerr


“I started Chiropractic care after having tried other treatments for back and neck pain, and headaches, which were a result of a motor vehicle accident.  At first I was skeptical because I didn’t know if it would really make a difference.  Since I have started my care I have been surprised and very pleased.  I am able to sleep at night, have pain relief, have gained back range of motion that I didn’t even realize that I lost and overall feel much better.  I would recommend Chiropractic to others because I believe it is best for overall health, not just symptomatic pain relief.” 

Mary Kwast, Registered Nurse


“In 1946 I was 9 years old and diagnosed with diabetes insipidus.  It was a waste away illness that the M.D.’s and hospital gave up on and sent me home after treatment of shots three times a day failed to help.  My mother took me to a Chiropractor who gradually brought me back to health and I returned to a normal childhood.  Through the years I have stayed healthy due to regular Chiropractic care.  I’ve had no major illnesses since.  I still have all my parts in good working order.  At 62 my regular adjustments with Dr. Hatlen keep my allergies and arthritis from being a problem.  I believe Chiropractic to be the best preventative medicine there is.” 

Nancy Selleys


“Five years ago I had so much back pain, I couldn’t sleep.  I went to a Chiropractor in Tacoma, Washington.  I was told that I could receive temporary pain relief, but my condition would continue to worsen for the rest of my life.  After treatment by Dr. Hatlen my pain is almost gone and more important I feel that I do have hope to be the best that I can be.” 

George Glass


“I am a flight attendant.  I’m on my feet over 10 hours a day and lift a lot of heavy suitcases.  Dr. Hatlen has been a lifesaver.  Thanks to his expertise I am able to continue working pain-free.” 

Mindy Lacey


“I have been receiving Chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Hatlen for several months now and have noticed a significant improvement in my quality of life.  I exist almost pain-free.  I have a much higher tolerance to work and recreational activities and my performance levels during competitive sports has risen significantly.” 

Mike WebsterM.S.P.T. Physical Therapist