What about those ZONES…

According to Gray’s Anatomy, the human nervous system
controls and regulates the function of every cell, tissue,
organ and gland in your body and adapts your body to
its environment.  It maintains your health.
Every cell in your body lies within one or more
of these zones.
If 1 or more of your zones are out of balance
it will generate a stress response and an
inflammatory response.
This will cause the corresponding region at
the base of your skull to be tender to the
touch (unless you have a high pain threshold).
Stimulation of the correct regions of your
spinal cord will stimulate the brain, restore
balance and cause an immediate decrease
in the stress and inflammatory response
resulting in the disappearance of the tenderness.
So it is vital to continuously balance the zones and
suppress the stress and inflammatory responses.
Maintaining health is a daily endeavor as disease
is on the job 24/7/365.  It’s just waiting for a
window of opportunity.

Better Brain Body Balance

There are 3 elements to my Better Brain Body Balance System:

  1. Better Brain Balance

Changing the sensory input into the central nervous system to balance the function and output of the two cerebellar and cortical hemispheres.

Stimulating specific levels of the spinal cord to balance the 6 brain centers that control and maintain glandular/hormonal balance, elimination, digestion, muscle function, heart function/circulation and every other function.

Balancing sympathetic nervous system function to inhibit the stress response and the inflammatory response, the two primary drivers of chronic disease.

Balancing parasympathetic nervous system function to stimulate the healing response and an appropriate immune response.

  1. Better Biochemical Balance

Analyzing blood, urine and hair for biochemical and cellular imbalances and then utilizing nutrition based on 30 plus years of scientific data and clinical results to balance blood chemistry.

Utilizing a true cellular detoxification program to decrease the toxins and heavy metals that drive inflammation, leaky gut, autoimmunity, neuro-degeneration (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s) cognitive impairment, heart disease, stroke, cancer etc etc.

Promoting clean nutrition that provides the correct balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to maintain healthy energy balance, ideal body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and metabolic function.

  1. Better Biomechanical Balance

Improving posture, alignment and mobility to decrease mortality, morbidity and disability.

Correcting the cause of pain conditions safely and naturally without the dangerous and lethal side effects of OTC and prescription medications.

Maximize the restoration of alignment and function after neuromusculoskeletal injury by influencing proper scar tissue formation.
(Strong, flexible and painless scar tissue)

Health is a state of homeostasis or balance.
Disease is a loss of homeostasis or imbalance.

Maintain balance and you maintain health while preventing disease.

You should base your health on data, not on how you feel.

Heart disease, stroke and cancer are called “SILENT KILLERS”.

Alzheimer’s disease begins 20 to 40 years before the onset of symptoms.

Maintaining your health and preventing disease based on scientific data is the most optimal way to promote a long, productive and prosperous life.